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The ShortKut brand is a line of mobile equipment products for traveling barbers. The ShortKut products are designed to organize and provide storage for the barber’s tools, equipment and all essential instruments needed, whether in the salon or out on the go as a mobile master barber.

From the “High Low” to the “Mohawk”, the trendiest styles have evolved. However, how we as barbers organize and perform with our tools and equipment have changed very little. In my 16 year career as a barber, I’ve heard testimonies and even experienced challenges and inconveniences of disorganization and sanitation.

Additionally, the frustration of the slow process of how we perform and travel with tools and equipment outside the salon sparked an interesting idea. Finally, the physical strain on my body of having to reach, turn and twist for instruments transformed an idea into a reality. These revolutionary products could very well change the barber industry. The products are designed with style, comfort, and support in mind.