Meet the Founder- TYRUS GILLAM “The One Chosen”


Tyrus Gillam is the founder of ShortKut, LLC. He currently oversees all services provided to clients.

Life Unexpected

Tyrus Gillam is a thriving barber on the verge of revolutionizing the barber industry. Was being a barber always his dream? No! Ty, as he is affectionately called, dreamed of being in the NFL or being a firefighter. Tyrus ran track for college in the early 1990’s, but that was short-lived after a major hamstring injury. Shortly after, he lost his job at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences which paid 85% of his tuition. With an apartment, truck and other bills that still needed to be paid, Tyrus decided to reach out to his friend for help. During that time, Tyrus’s friend was selling drugs and Ty asked his friend to give him a chance to get back on his feet. Tyrus made the decision to sell drugs for a few months, even though he knew that was not in his character. A year went by and Tyrus was back on his feet.

He started pursuing his dream by training for the NFL and while training, he was studying to be a firefighter. Soon after, Ty passed his physical and written firefighter test. He was now a firefighter candidate waiting to be selected. During that short period of time that he sold drugs, he unknowingly sold to an undercover cop who then had an indictment against him. Instead of telling on his best friend in order to continue with his dream, he decided to plead guilty and was sentenced to 46 months in a federal institution in 1997. While serving his time, Tyrus the barber was created.