1) Do you get hot wearing the SK vest? 
Ans: The back of THE vest is made of breathable mesh fabric to release heat.
2) Is the SK vest washable? 
Ans: Yes but let it air dry. 
3) Does the SK vest get dirty EASILY? 
Ans: No, it’s made of nylon Cordova fabric, which is the same fabric used for smocks & barber capes so hair easily falls off.
4) Does hair get stuck in THE guard pockets? 
Ans: No, any hair left on your guard will fall through the guard pocket finger hole. 
5) How do I disinfect THE pockets after each cut service?  
Ans: Continue to follow the same disinfecting procedure that you typically use with the addition of spraying inside the pockets that were used during the cut service. 
6) Why are there numbers inside the guard pockets? 
Ans: To insure the right fit for each guard. Guard pockets are numbered from low to high.
7) Is the SK vest comfortable? 
Ans: Yes, the back  of THE SK vest has an elastic mesh fabric design to fit each customer for comfort.
8: How do I position the clipper guards in the pocket?
Answer: Insert your clipper guard facing up and guard number facing out to get the best insert use
9: Why do the size of the guard pockets get larger as they go up the vest?
Answer: Notice the guard pockets are in numerical order & coincide with the number on the guards. As the numbers increase, the guard sizes get larger, just like the pockets.